• Coralogy Journal of Coral Reef Sciences is Multi-language journal related to all aspects of coral reef sciences (ecosystems, biology, climate and human society around coral reefs) in past, the present and future. This journal is an open access electric journal and has four categories as follows,
  • (A) Double Open Peer Review (DOPR) paper: Unpublished paper in any journal is suitable for submission on this form.
  • (B) Letter : Short manuscript can be submitted on this form that will be reviewed/edited by Editorial board.
  • (C) Data : Unpublished/published data related to coral reef sciences are storage.
  • (D) Pre-Print: Unpublished manuscript (pre-print) can be submitted on our server. Pre-print manuscripts are freely accessed on the server.
  • Online ISSN: 2434-6012


    Double Open Peer Review system (DOPR system)

  • 1.  Author(s) select more than two reviewers who are leading scientists in the research field.
  • 2.  Author(s) directly contact the reviewers and facilitate the review process.
  • 3.  Review results and response letters are prepared in Japanese or English.
  • 4.  Review process is completed after author(s) sending to editorial board the revised manuscript and review results.
  • Editorial board consider decisions of publication based on the revised manuscript and review results.
    The editorial board will require the author(s) to make relevant revisions on the manuscript.
    Coralogy do not have a deadline for review process, and author(s) can decide completing.
  • Macuscript requirement

  • The manuscript and supplement information (MS-Word format) and figures (PDF or tiff image files) are submitted to coralogy@kikaireefs.org by e-mail attachment. Author(s) prepare the manusrcpit following to our template.
    Before submitting to Coralogy, author(s) must confirm the Coralogy Instruction(Ja).
  • The length of manuscript as follows (not count the title page, reference list and review result in the manuscript length)
    Original article:  20 page
    Reviews:  20 page
    with 10 figures and tables in tatal
    Discussions and communications:  20 page
    Methods and technology:  10 page
    with four figures and tables in tatal
    1 page: 1000 words without figure
  • A title page with the title, authors, thier affilions, Key points, Abstract, and figure absract.
    One figure abstract (<10☓12cm) related to the abstract and that figure legend is necessary with manuscript.

Data requirement

  • KIKAI institute for Coral Reef Sciences